Påmeldingsdato: 12. sep. 2022


- I was obviously lucky - the majors were not the first clients this evening, from whom I famously took

away money. I wonder what Edik is doing there now, if the card has been rushing to me all evening?

- And here is your favorite - Yulechka, - I announced joyfully, noticing the woman who came up to us dancer

The guys looked around in unison, while Serge swayed back so much that he almost fell off the stool, and unceremoniously slid drunken eyes over the figure of the dancer, undressing and assessing her parameters, although Yulechka was already almost undressed - in a golden mini-dress, more similar to an elongated T-shirt, to which decent people also wear jeans or a skirt, and Yulechka wears pink thong panties embroidered with sequins. A 15-cm lacquered heel added fragility to the already thin figure of the dancer. Slender athletic tanned legs seemed to grow directly from Yulechka's pumped up lips.


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